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Discover the Secrets of Madrid’s Museums: 10 Amazing Places to Explore

Photo by Jorge Fernandez Salas

Madrid has some of the best museums in the world, where you can admire the works of genius artists, learn about the past and present of Spain, and have fun with interactive exhibits. Whether you are a fan of paintings, sculptures, archaeology, or football, you will find something that will blow your mind in Madrid’s museums.



Museo Nacional del Prado

This is the crown jewel of Madrid’s museums and one of the most prestigious art galleries in the world. It hosts an impressive collection of European art from the 12th to the 20th centuries, featuring masterpieces by Velázquez, Goya, El Greco, Rubens, Titian, and many more. You will be amazed by the beauty and variety of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints that showcase the history and culture of Spain and Europe. Don’t miss the iconic paintings of Las Meninas and The Third of May 1808.

  • Website:

  • Address: Calle de Ruiz de Alarcón, 23, 28014 Madrid

Photo by Xingyuan Zhou

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

This is the ultimate destination for modern and contemporary Spanish art lovers. It displays works by Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Gris, and other avant-garde artists who revolutionized the art world in the 20th century. The museum's highlight is Picasso’s Guernica, a powerful and moving depiction of the horrors of war that will leave you speechless.

  • Website:

  • Address: Calle de Santa Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid

Photo by César Lucas Abreu/Madrid-Destino



Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza

This is the third museum that forms the Golden Triangle of Art in Madrid, along with the Prado and the Reina Sofía. It displays a private collection of more than 1,000 paintings from different periods and styles, from medieval to pop art. You can see works by Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, Kandinsky, Hopper, and more. It is a great place to enjoy a visual journey through the history of art.

  • Website:

  • Address: Paseo del Prado, 8, 28014 Madrid

Photo by Javier Peñas/Madrid Destino

Museo Sorolla

This charming museum was once the home and studio of Joaquín Sorolla, a renowned Spanish painter known for his luminous and colourful impressionist style. You can see his paintings, sketches, sculptures, personal belongings, and beautiful gardens that inspired many of his works. It is a museum that radiates light and joy.

  • Website:

  • Address: Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 37, 28010 Madrid

Photo by Paolo Giocoso/Madrid Destino

Museo Cerralbo

This hidden gem preserves the elegant atmosphere of a 19th-century aristocratic palace. It was the residence of Enrique de Aguilera y Gamboa, the 17th Marquis of Cerralbo, who was an avid collector of art and antiques. You can admire his eclectic collection of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, furniture, weapons, coins, and more.

  • Website:

  • Address: Calle de Ventura Rodríguez, 17, 28008 Madrid

Photo by Hiberus/Madrid Destino



Museo Arqueológico Nacional

This fascinating museum traces Spain's history and culture from prehistoric times to the present day. It exhibits archaeological artefacts from different civilizations that inhabited or influenced the Iberian Peninsula, such as the Romans, the Visigoths, the Moors, and the Christians. You can also see objects from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia.

  • Website:

  • Address: Calle de Serrano, 13, 28001 Madrid

Photo by Javier Peñas/Madrid Destino

Museo Naval

This exciting museum tells the story of Spain’s naval history and achievements. It displays models, maps, paintings, weapons, and instruments related to the exploration, discovery, and defence of the seas. You can also see the original map that showed Magellan and Elcano's first circumnavigation of the world.

  • Website:

  • Address: Paseo del Prado, 5, 28014 Madrid

Photo by Museo Naval

Museo del Romanticismo

This lovely museum recreates the lifestyle and customs of the Romantic era in Spain. It occupies a restored palace that belonged to the Marquis of Matallana, and it exhibits paintings, furniture, clothing, jewellery, and other items that reflect the tastes, values, and sentiments of the Romanticism movement. You can also enjoy a coffee or tea in its charming garden cafe.

  • Website:

  • Address: Calle de San Mateo, 13, 28004 Madrid

Photo by Museo del Romanticismo



CaixaForum Madrid

This modern and innovative cultural centre hosts temporary exhibitions of art, photography, design, architecture, and more. It occupies a former power station transformed into a striking building with a vertical garden on its facade. It also offers workshops, conferences, concerts, and other activities for all ages. It is a museum that challenges and stimulates.

  • Website: [

  • Address: Paseo del Prado, 36, 28014 Madrid

Photo by Caixa Forum Madrid

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

This is not exactly a museum, but it is a must-see for football fans. It is the home stadium of Real Madrid, one of the world's most successful and famous clubs. You can tour the stadium and see its trophies, memorabilia, locker rooms, press room, and even step on the pitch. You can also visit the official store and buy some souvenirs. It is a museum that thrills and excites.

  • Website:

  • Address: Avenida de Concha Espina, 1, 28036 Madrid

Photo by Ferdinand Stohr



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