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Terms and conditions for the use of Never Ending Story AS services

These terms are updated 2023/07/01

    These general terms apply to any product of Never Ending Story AS, Norwegian company registration no. 926 663 941, and related products and publications. such as, but not limited to, online- and print magazines, apps, newsletters, members clubs and digital stores, hereinafter together called “the Services”. By using the Services you are agreeing to these general terms.

    Never Ending Story AS has rights to all content, including text, images, graphics, logos, sound, videos, and all other material published by Never Ending Story, unless otherwise stated. All rights to Never Ending Story AS, including other brands, logos, branding elements, trade secrets and intellectual property belong to Never Ending Story AS, unless otherwise stated. As a user, you may only use the Services for personal and non-commercial purposes. You may download, link and print content from the services for private and non-commercial purposes, provided that you respect our copyright and other terms and conditions. You may not use the content for any other purpose or in any other way than is clearly stated.

    Any or all forms of media monitoring, indexing, sales or redistribution of all or part of the Content published by Never Ending Story AS requires a valid agreement.

    Never Ending Story AS declines responsibility for inaccuracies and mistakes that may occur in the content. Never Ending Story AS also declines responsibility for any loss as a consequence of mistakes and inaccuracies in the content, unavailability, downtime or other technical problems, or mistakes in the content that Never Ending Story AS is referring to or collecting information from. Never Ending Story AS declines responsibility for any losses incurred related to the content in accordance with current legislation

    Advertisers are responsible for the advertisements that appear in the Services. Never Ending Story AS resumes no responsibility for the content of the advertisements.

  5. LINKS
    Content may include links to information and content on other services. Never Ending Story declines any responsibility for the content in or via such links.

    Users may choose to deliver content to Never Ending Story AS. By delivering content by any means you agree to hand over an unconditional, non-exclusive, unpaid, transferable and perpetual right to publish the content via the Services, in any format and in any publication relating to Never Ending Story, in any channel or platform, both existing and which may be developed in the future. Furthermore, Never Ending Story AS is granted the right to change and edit the material within the framework of current legislation. By sending in content to Never Ending Story AS you confirm that you have the rights to the material in question. If rights to any material need to be further clarified, it is your responsibility to clearly notify Never Ending Story AS. Failing to do so makes you as the supplier of the content accountable for any financial loss Never Ending Story AS may suffer as a consequence of missing or unclear rights. Never Ending Story AS will not reimburse for any content supplied, unless otherwise clearly agreed in writing prior to delivery.

    If you engage in discussion forums or similar relating to content or services published in any Never Ending Story AS publications, including social media, Never Ending Story AS reserves the right to at any time remove content that Never Ending Story AS deems offensive or unsuitable. You can be held accountable for your behaviour on discussion forums and similar. Never Ending Story AS reserves the right to seek compensation for any losses or damages incurred due to inappropriate behavior on our Services and social media platforms. Never Ending Story AS resumes no responsibility for the content on discussion forums and similar and recommends caution when using such content.

    Never Ending Story privacy policy applies for any processing of personal data in connection with our Services. Our privacy policy can be found here.

    Users of third-party information from the Service must accept the following conditions: Any information from third-party suppliers may contain, errors, inadequacies and inaccuracies. Never Ending Story resumes no responsibility for such content and cannot be held accountable for the information. Any use of third-party information, to perform or not perform decisions is at the sole responsibility and risk of the user. The user is made aware of the risk connected to such use. Never Ending Story resumes no liability for decisions that are made, or not made, based on information on our Services. The user may not hold Never Ending Story AS, related companies, suppliers or sources of information to the Service accountable for errors or deficiencies in the content of our Services. You may only use the content on our Services for personal and non-commercial purposes. Third-party content on our Services is wholly owned by the supplier of the content and they have intellectual property rights to their content. It is unlawful to redistribute, sell or commercially take advantage of processed or non-processed information on the Services unless a written valid agreement with Never Ending Story AS explicitly grants such rights.

    Never Ending Story AS may revise these terms and conditions whenever appropriate, including based on changes in relevant legislation. We recommend that you update yourself on the general terms on a regular basis.

    These terms are subject to Norwegian law and any dispute that may occur in connection with the content or use of content on our Services will be settled in Norwegian courts.

    Please contact us at if you have any questions.



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