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What is the best view of Barcelona? We know where it is, and it is a great place to bring the whole family too!

The ferris wheel at Tibidabo amusementpark. Photo by Jan Johannessen

Barcelona is for sure a fun city to visit. But when you have done all the classics like strolling around the Gothic quarters, visiting the Familia Sagrada, eating Tapas in El Born, shopping in Eixample, and hanging out on the beach in Barcelonetta, you might want to head out of the city center and get some air under your wings. If so, there is one place to turn to; even the kids will love it, Mount Tibidabo and the Tibidabo amusement park.

To get here

The Avinguda Tibidabo metro station is the closest if you want to visit Tibidabo Mountain. High above the city of Barcelona, 512 meters above sea level, is the peak of Tibidabo mountain. Here you will find a fantastic view and Tibidabo amusement park.

You have to decide at the metro station, depending on how fit or lazy you are, how to get to the top of Tibidabo Mountain. You can, for sure, walk all the way to the top if you are in the mood for it, but the most convenient is by the Tibidabo funicular.

It's a fun ride too. You will find the bottom funicular station at Placa Doctor Andreu, a short walk up from Placa John F. Kennedy, where the nearest metro station, Avinguda Tibidabo, is located.

The ride up with the funicular is included when buying access to the amusement park, but if you only want to enjoy the view from the top, go for the ticket for the funicular ride only.

The history of Mount Tibidabo

From the construction of the Tibidabo funicular. Photo by Wikimedia

The Tibidabu Amusement park opened at the beginning of the 20th century and is among the oldest in the world still functioning.

The Collserola mountain range and the Tibbidabo Mountain have not always been as popular as they are today. Access to the area was limited until a group of entrepreneurs bought a big chunk of the mountain and decided to build a tramline and an amusement park here.

Most original rides are still in use, like the Avio Airplane ride. The plane replicates the first plane that flew between Barcelona and the Spanish capital, Madrid.

The Avio Airplane at Tibidabo amusementpark. Photo by Jan Johannessen

Basilica Sagrat Cor

You may prefer something other than amusement parks. If so, Mount Tibidabo is still an awesome place to visit due to the fantastic view over Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you can take in all of Barcelona at once.

Next to the amusement park sits the basilica Sagrat Cor. It's actually two churches built on top of each other. and at the very top, a giant Jesus statue.

To get a closer look at the basilica, and an even better view of Barcelona, take the elevator and then find your way up the steep staircase that brings you to the top deck. The elevator will cost you 5 euros, worth every euro cent!

At the top, when looking up, you will see the Jesus statue above you in close view. You don't have to be religious to become a little humble about the majestic work of the artist and how they got to install the art piece at the top of the basilica. And if that is not impressing you, I'm sure the view will.

The Torre de Collserola seen from the Sagrat Cor. Photo by Jan Johannessen


Further reading and links

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Tickets and prices

Barcelona undergorund:

A ten journey travelcard for one zone cost €11.35

Buy at the automate at the Metro station or online

Tibidabo Amusementpark:

Adult (>120 cm tall) €19.00

Junior (<120 cm tall) € 10.50

The Church of the Sacred Hart:

Free entrance to the church

Elevator to the top: € 5.00




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