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The North Pole without actually going there

Photo by Visit Rvaniemi

Here, you are as close as it get to how it must be on the North Pole without having the hassle of going there.



If you are looking for a winter destination that combines the magic of Christmas, the beauty of nature, and the thrill of adventure, Rovaniemi is the place!

The capital of Finnish Lapland and the official hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi is where you can experience the wonders of the Arctic Circle, the enchantment of the Northern Lights, and the charm of the Lappish culture. Stunning natural landscapes, such as forests, lakes, rivers, and hills, surround Rovaniemi and bring you out into the wild.

Here are 12 of must-do activities when visiting Rovaniemi in the winter season:

Visit Santa Claus Village

Photo byVisit Finland

No trip to Rovaniemi is complete without meeting the jolly old man himself. Santa Claus Village is a year-round attraction that offers a variety of activities, such as meeting Santa and his elves, crossing the Arctic Circle, sending postcards from the Santa Claus Post Office, shopping for souvenirs, and enjoying the festive atmosphere.




Walk on the snow-covered ground with special shoes that prevent you from sinking. You can rent snowshoes and book a guide from various service providers, such as Nordic Odyssey or Wild About Lapland.

Dog sledging

Photo by Robert Tjalondo

You can sit or stand on a sledge pulled by a team of huskies and feel the wind and the warmth of the dogs. You can rent a dog sledge and book a guide from various service providers, such as Bearhill Husky or Husky Point.



Ice fishing

Catch fish from a frozen lake or river. You can rent ice fishing equipment and book a guide from various service providers, such as Lapland Safaris or Arctic Lifestyle.

Cross Country Skiing

Photo by Simon Berger-

Glide on the snow with skis on prepared tracks or unbroken snow. You can rent skis and book a lesson or a guide from various service providers, such as Ounasvaara Ski Resort or Happy Fox.




Ride a motorized vehicle on the snow and ice and enjoy the speed and adrenaline. You can rent a snowmobile and book a guide from various service providers, such as Safartica or Lapland Welcome.

Northern Lights

Photo by Visit Finland

Rovaniemi is one of the best places in the world to witness the awe-inspiring phenomenon of the aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights. The best time to see them is from September to March when the nights are long and dark. You can join a guided tour, rent a car, or book a cosy accommodation with a glass roof to enjoy the show.




You can slide down the hills on a sledge or a tube and enjoy the speed and the laughter. You can rent sledges and tubes from the Ounasvaara Ski Resort or Santa Claus Village.

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

Photo by Aleksi Laitinen Ylläs

You can ski or snowboard on the slopes of the Ounasvaara Ski Resort, which has ten slopes of different levels, five ski lifts, and a snow park. You can rent ski or snowboard equipment and book a lesson or a guide from the resort.



Ice skating

You can skate on the ice rink at Lordi’s Square, the main square of Rovaniemi, or at the Santa Claus Village. You can rent ice skates from the ice rink or Santa Claus Village.

Visit Santa Park

Photo by Santa Park

Santa Park is an underground theme park with a magic train, an ice gallery, an elf workshop, and a gingerbread bakery. You can also try local delicacies like reindeer meat, salmon soup, and cloudberry jam.



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